Wow! The Your Move committee surveyed 713 students today with the help of our student councillors and faction captains, during homeroom. We found that 44% of students travelled by car to school, 11% rode their bike or a scooter, 14% travelled on public transport and a big 32% walked to school. It is interesting to see the year level with the greatest percentage of car travel was year 9 at 51%. The year level with the least percentage of car travel was year 10 at 36%. The year level with the most percentage of bike/scooter travel was year 9 again, at 17% and the year level who travel by bike the least was the year 11's and 12's at only 5% of them travelling by bike/scooter. The most active year level is the year 10's, over 52% of them walk, ride or scoot to school. What an awesome effort year 10's.

Planning is well under way for Ride2School day on Friday. It will be interesting to see how many students ride or scoot to school on Friday. We have some great prizes to give away to those who ride or scoot to school. We are looking forward to celebrating the day with morning tea with our local Member of Parliament, Mr Chris Tallentire.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sue - thanks for this discussion of your HUS for the start of the year. You automatically get 50 points when you upload your start and end of year surveys, and I have also given you 10 points for your detailed analysis of the survey highlights. I'm happy to hear Chris Tallentire is supporting your big day on Friday - he is a long time supporter of Your Move Schools and it's predecessor TravelSmart to School.

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