The National Ride2School Day was on the 24th March. It certainly appeared more successful this year with a record number of bikes and scooters in the compound. We had 65 bikes and 12 scooters in the bike compound by the beginning of period 1. There were 10 bikes and scooters in the bike compound before 08:45 am! We had some very keen bike riders.

The Day was promoted around the school with posters that had been created by Kenji, one of our students, PA announcements and notices in the Daily Notices.

The Your Move team were busy early putting out the banners, putting up some balloons and then began to welcome the bike riders. Students who rode or scooted got a ticket in the raffle. If they wore a helmet they got an extra ticket, and if they had brought a lock for their bike, they got another ticket. Some 130 tickets in the raffle were an indication that students were keen to participate.

Our new bike racks were put to good use today and it was good to see that with the new racks, we fitted everyone in and had room for more bikes. We did realise that we would fit in more if the new racks were spaced a little further apart. We will remember this when we get more racks installed!

This year we ran a 'Best decorated bike' competition as well and we were excited to see some amazing, decorated bikes. Themes included marine life, Minecraft, mindfulness and recycling. We were lucky enough to have our local MP, Mr Chris Tallentire, ride to school today to judge the best decorated bike competition. Mr Tallentire could not decide between two bikes so both students won a $100 gift voucher to a local bike shop. We have some clever and talented students, so the competition was hotly contested.

Mr Tallentire donated $500 worth of gift vouchers and we used some or our Your Move rewards to get other prizes like bike locks and helmets. Some 17 prizes were handed out by our Principal, Mrs McDonald! Students who decorated their bikes and did not win, got an Act Belong Commit frisbee.

We finished the day with morning tea. The Your Move team and the winners of the raffle and the students who decorated their bikes got to participate in a yummy morning tea provided by the President Mrs Manolas and Vice President Mrs Nelson of the P&C and our nurse Mrs James. It was a very successful day.

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What a fabulous story! Love the idea for a bike decorating competition. Looks like everyone had lots of fun

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sue - I'm glad to see that the school community is now well informed about your super NRSD event and dress up last month. Although you have already earned the 22 points for the term for including YM in the newsletter, you have just earned another 10 points for sharing the copy of this latest edition. Have a great week 😊.

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