Due to the changing Covid environment, TSHS made the difficult decision to postpone our Ride2School day to term 2. In week 6, we decided to focus on teaching and learning as we did not know what the weeks ahead entailed. We also postponed a reward activity that had carried over from last year. We wanted to make sure that as many students as possible were able to participate in the reward activity and we did not know the impact that Covid would have on our school in the coming weeks.

It was impressive to see our regular riders continuing to ride during the turmoil of increasing Covid numbers, decreasing school attendance and changing Covid guidelines.During week 8 our attendance began to dip into the 70's percent and the number of bikes and scooters also dipped to about 50 a day.

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James (Your Move)

That big attendance drop really illustrates the impact of Covid measures at your school. It seems you made the right decision to defer those activities. You have earned 15 points for your reflection on Term 1, plus 10 points for the details.

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