We were delighted to receive our Your Move sign and our Bronze accreditation sticker early this term. It has been mounted on the front wall of the school administration block and we conducted a small ceremony given the Covid 19 circumstances.

Mrs McDonald, Khushveen Kakkar, Jasmine Manolas and Ms Tracey Nelson, Vice President of TSHS P & C.

Bronze medallion being applied by Khushveen and Jasmine.

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We are looking forward to some exciting activities soon from the Your Move working party. The next meeting is on 9 June at recess in the Health Centre. Please see Sue James for more details.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sue - we are also looking forward to hearing what your YM working party came up with today at recess! Your accreditation level celebration has earned you 15 points and writing an article in your newsletter gives you another 22 points. See you soon!

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