Our fantastic art teacher, Dr Lee, has used some of the data from our Hands Up survey earlier in the year in her year 8 classes. The students used the data for the basis of their surrealism art. “What is surrealism art?” I hear you ask. According to the Tate Gallery in the UK,Surrealism aims to revolutionise human experience. It balances a rational vision of life with one that asserts the power of the unconscious and dreams.’

Both of these pieces of art are currently in our schools Art Exhibition. The second piece of art has been purchased by our Principal for our school.

This is an excellent example of cross curricula health promotion!

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James (Your Move)

They are some spectacular works, Sue. Thanks for sharing! Dr Lee and the year 8s have earned 15 points for their art lesson and you have earned 10 points for your enlightening story 🤩.

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Thanks James. They are great works of art. We have a lot of talented students at Thornlie Senior High School.

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