We met again on March 10 after completing the hands up survey on March 4. Our focus this meeting was on allocating tasks for Ride2School day which the students decided should be a week early due to the school nurse having surgery on the 24th. They did not want her to miss out on all of the fun.

We decided that we will email Mr Chris Tallentire and ask him if he would like to donate a prize for the raffle for students who ride or scoot to school. Other prizes will be the bike equipment that we got from Trek, Cannington with our $300 Your Move reward that we got at the end of 2021.

We confirmed that we would run it similar to 2021 and write out tickets with students name and homeroom if they ride or scoot. Students who wear a helmet will be able to have 2 tickets in the draw.

Advertising would include, facebook posts on the schools facebook page, notes in the daily notices and PA announcements the afternoon before by two students.

A draft poster was discussed and ammended with suggestions from the team, including a helmet image and getting an extra ticket in the raffle. Please see attached the poster.

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James (Your Move)

Ah - lovely that the team thought about scheduling the event so your nurse can attend 😍. You have earned 10 points for this productive team meeting and another 10 for sharing the details. I know Chris Tallentire has been a long time supporter of Your Move at Thornlie, so that is a good idea to see if he can help out again. I look forward to your update after your big day!

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