East Freo staff are now SmartRiders

Stacey Towne
Town of East Fremantle

Following a successful trial, the Town of East Fremantle executive management recently endorsed a staff policy to encourage public transport for work-related travel whenever possible. The Town Hall building is situated close to high frequency bus routes on Canning Highway which connect to Fremantle Station and the Canning Bridge Station, also giving access to the train lines. Our SmartRider cards are registered for autoload so administration is easy and journeys are less expensive that way. The Town based its policy on the template provided by Your Move. Very smart....

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James (Your Move)

That is great news Stacey! Well done for all your work on this. Great to know too that our resources helped you out. You have earned 50 points for your Smart Rider policy and another 10 for explaining how it works.

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