Working from home on 10 acres has been a delight, and the morning commute has been amazing. In 6 weeks of “walking to work” I haven’t seen more than half a dozen vehicles and only one human pedestrian (twice!) during the “am” 4km trip to work.

The routine is: leave the house by 7am (podcast chosen, earbuds in, commuting buddy safely ‘strapped in’); down the front steps, up the (loose!) gravel driveway and around the reserve opposite (generally catching the kangaroo’s finishing their breakfast before heading back into the bush); turn left and head uphill to the top of the ridge; and a quick turnaround back along the roadway to home. If running early we can add in the extra ‘dip ‘n’ hill’ to make it to the end of the street.

The reason for the low number of cars is that we only pass 9 driveways during the commute!

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James (Your Move)

I guess Karen doesn't live in East Fremantle! Great story, thanks for sharing. Nice to know that there isn't too much traffic to spoil the natural beauty. So I think we can safely assume that teleworking has been a positive experience for Karen - and you have just earned another 25 YM points!

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Haha! Yes, you are right James! Karen's usual commute is a two-part process... in the 'burbs Monday to Friday (walks to work) and drives back to the peri-urban area for the weekend.

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