Peter's COVID-19 inspired Commute

Stacey Towne

I still work at the office, but how I get there has changed.

Ditching my car, I now WALK 16 km (return) every day - rain, hail or shine! Got drenched yesterday, exacerbated by a cheeky bus negotiating a puddle.

By slowing down I see and notice more things like magical sunrises, many crows (early risers!), friendly dogs and angry drivers (“crazy way to start the day”, I reflect).

People-wise, I see an elderly man out walking (we nod a friendly “hello”) and another man sitting alone near a bus stop sipping coffee in contemplation. I see a feisty couple, usually arguing. Once I helped someone when their car broke down and I have bumped into the Mayor at times.

Physically, I am fighting fit (no injury yet) and have dropped a pant size! Unfortunately, my $150 pair of shoes bought 6 weeks ago, now have worn soles!

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James (Your Move)

That is a huge change Peter, very impressive! I'm really glad that you are also taking the time to smell the roses (and dogs and crows!) and are also enjoying all the benefits of a physically active commute to work. Your story has also just earned the Town of East Freo another 25 Your Move points!

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Very inspirational.

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