Bike education and planning

Kathryn Hunt
Tuart Hill Primary School

Hello to the Your Move community! My name is Kathryn Hunt and I am Tuart Hill Primary School's newest champion to join the team. I am really excited to become part of this team and movement around increasing kids movement to and from school. I work in health care and one of my passions is to not only increase people's activity for improved health outcomes, but also their education around why its important and how to do it safely.

We had our first planning meeting this week to discuss some ideas and plan some events around the Your Move program. As part of this we are hoping to organise a bike education session for our senior school students. We would like the kids to be able to learn some basic bike safety education around the set up of the their bikes, including basics checks of bikes and helmets and some very basic bike maintenance skills. I am planning on contacting some of the local bike shops in the area as well as avid parent cyclists who may be available to assist with organising this. If kids are able to perform these checks regularly and keep their bikes in good condition then the risk of injuries due to poor bike maintenance is reduced.

I am really looking forward to keeping you updated on our events in the future and looking to learn from other schools on what they have done to improve and promote this great program.

After a great meeting, which should always include coffee, we had a nice walk to school with the kids and even managed to bring in a quick safety lesson on road crossing for some of the younger kids....thanks Jess!!!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Kathryn - it is great to hear that you have joined David and the team at Tuart Hill. Your background sounds like a really good fit for Your Move. Yes, bike ed and maintenance workshops are a really good idea for breaking down some of those barriers to increased riding to school. Please let us know if you need any leads for providers. I have linked your story to the activity "Schedule a regular planning session" which gives you 15 points, plus a bonus of 10 for giving us a really good read! Once you have implemented your workshops we can give you points for them too. BTW I can see why you chose that meeting place - your coffee looks REALLY good!

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