Engaging the local community to promote Your Move movement

David Chia

Your Move program has been very well received by staff, parents and students at Tuart Hill PS. YM has been promoted diligently through the schools weekly e-newsletter, schools P&C facebook site and by word of mouth.

Walk to School Wednesdays is a recognised weekly event and the launch of Fuel Free Fridays on the last Friday of each month was very well adhered to with much more active travel noticed by students.

I spoke to our local traffic warden (lollipop attendant) Lester, who has been an institution on the THPS crosswalk scene for 10 years, regarding the schools YM involvement. I informed Lester that W2SW and FFF has been promoted and he should expect an increased workload from here on end, to which Lester said he was more than happy to work harder from now on :)

Lester always greets students and parents with a smile and he's a favourite amongst the school community. THPS thanks you for your service.

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James (Your Move)

Hi David - thanks for introducing us all to Lester. It is such an important role that he as and great to see the his services are highly valued by the school. You have earned 22 points for continuing to promote YM in your newsletter and a bonus 10 for this lovely write-up on Lester.

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