The New Racks are Complete

Wendi Graham
Tuart Hill Primary School

Yesterday our new scooter, skateboard and bike racks were installed. After many months of planning and discussion it was great to see the racks come to life.

It was great watching the students faces throughout the day as they would take a sneaky peak at the progress. They were all very happy, but you could sense that they were proud as well. Their dedication to being active and supporting the Your Move Program has now resulted in some shiny new racks!

I spent the day at the school filming a little time lapse video. Thankfully the installers were very accommodating of this.

Thank you to the Your Move program and to Leda for all of their help. We area all very happy.

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James (Your Move)

Excellent Wendi - that is a whole lot of parking you have now! Including the racks you had made in September, how many parking spots do you have in total now? You have earned another 80 points for getting these installed. Thanks so much for sharing the video too - that really shows what a job it is for the installers. I bet the kids loved seeing that!

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