Your Move Student Leader Shirts

Wendi Graham

Very soon we will be announcing our Your Move Student leaders for this year. To commemorate this, the Your Move Team decided to custom design shirts for the occasion. And we are very lucky in that we have a screen-printer in the Your Move family!

After selecting our ten student leaders, Wendi went off to the shops to find matching shirts that would all fit our new team. It was important that the shirts matched the Your Move colour scheme. Then she underwent the daunting task of designing the logo.

By using Photoshop and the existing Your Move logo, Wendi was able to create a fun, colourful logo, that not only reflected the Your Move program but also Tuart Hill Primary School.

The shirts and design were then delivered to our screen printer, ready to be printed up. We are very excited to be presenting them to the Student Leaders next week!

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What a great T-shirts design! You have earned for posting the story and sharing your images. I have also added 10 points for a good read and 15 points for your innovation. We are looking forward to seeing the new Your Move team in action.

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