Getting Organised for National Ride2School Day

Leslie Eddy

National Ride2School Day for Warnbro Community High School on the 25th March was a matter trying to be organised, while juggling Covid. The date was set, so it was only a matter of organising our Your Move team for the morning on the day with handing out raffle tickets. About a month before the event, we started advertising the event, using all our normal school channels of putting it out there including on our face book page, pushing it out through our connect notices to parents and I included the competition flyer in our school bulletin, that I do at least twice a term.

The prizes for the competition, I was lucky to have 4 bike locks we had previously purchased with our points in the Your Move store and I decided I would call a couple of the local bike stores for any donations.

PK Cycles and Fishing in Port Kennedy were so kind to donate a helmet for our winner from their store. They also offered our students a 10% discount on their bike servicing. So a shout out to them for being so kind and generous! I have attached the competition flyer to my story, I made to advertise the event, for you to check out. I hope you all had a successful day too.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Leslie. Nice work getting that donation from your local bike shop, and I'm glad to hear that you have been using your YM rewards too for the bike lock prizes. You have earned 40 points for your NR2SD event, 22 points for promoting active travel in your newsletter this term and 10 points for detailing all your preparation. Remember that if you let us know your event participation numbers in a story you can also earn bonus points.

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