Parent Survey - Term 1 2021

Kierah Dengate

During our Parent Teacher Night at WCHS, our Student Leaders conducted a Parent Survey of 4 questions to see how and if our parents/ guardians travel to school with their child(ren) and if they would change their method of transport.

Below are 4 charts for the 4 questions we asked our parents/ guardians and these are the results:

From 59 responses, we found that majority of our students get driven to school by a parent or guardian. This was also seen in the question 'Would you change your method of transport to be more active?' where majority were from the same families that drove in a car.

This year it will be our goal to change their thinking to be more active as seen in the first chart, a lot of our families live less than 1km away from school.

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May we please change the activity to Conduct a Parent Survey as it was not an option on the list? Thank you :)

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Kierah - I like the idea of doing this at your Parent Teacher night. I have fixed up the link to the activity for you and you now have earned 60 points for doing a parent survey and 10 for sharing the outcomes.

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