Our first Hands Up Survey

Carrie Oliver
Wattle Grove Primary School

We recently completed our first Hands Up Survey at Wattle Grove Primary School. Our newly appointed year 4 and 5 committee members had the task of surveying our 33 classes and then compiling the data. The results varied greatly between year groups, with 56% of surveyed students travelling by car to school on the day of the survey. 20% of students walked to school, while 21% travelled by bike or scooter. I think these results are not too bad, however, I think we can do much better to improve our active travel. The committee is looking forward to meeting to discuss how we can improve on these results and brainstorm fun activities for 2021.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome to Your Move, Carrie and all at Wattle Grove PS! I'm glad to see that you successfully got your first story published - and by correctly linking it the related "First story" activity you automatically earned 12 points. I also see that you have got a student team up and running already - so I have given you another 60 points for completing that YM activity. Yes, you are right that your current AT results are a pretty good launching pad and it is great to hear that your committee is fired up to make things even better! Make sure you let us know how your next meeting goes and what plans get formulated for 2021.

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