Your Move Grant - New Scooter Rack

Clayton Bird

Woodland Grove Primary School secured a grant through Your Move by achieving Silver status in 2019. The grant provided us with a new Scooter Rack.

Woodland Grove Primary School is attempting to increase active transport. Many initiatives are in place and we hope to continue to have less of our community driving and increased walking or cycling to school.

The Scooter rack will be an incentive for students to 'scoot' to school, allowing students' to store their scooter during learning time.

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James (Your Move)

HI Clayton - great to see the new scooter facilities in place, and it looks like you have plenty of room to grow the capacity if needed down the track. I have relinked your story to the "Install or upgrade bike parking" activity which is worth a bit more (80 points) than the "Apply for a grant" activity (40 points).

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