Happy End of Year Survey Week!

Trevor Buckenara
Your Move Schools Team

Well, can you believe it's Term Four already?...

As well as being World Kindness Day, World Orphans Day, International Actors Day and National Indian Pudding Day.. It's the inaugural Your Move End of Year Survey Week, so make sure you get out there and survey your school's classes to see how kids are travelling to school.

We've actually added this as a special 'Highlighted Activity' on your activities page as it's so important to end the year with a whole of school survey so that you can compare how your school progressed though the school year.

Follow these important tips to get the most out of your end of year survey:
- Survey the whole school (you don't need to record Kindies)
- Choose a non-event day
- Don't forewarn students about the survey (to record the normal way they get to school)

As soon as the survey is complete, you'll have access to a great visual report and excel file of the data.

So what are you waiting for? Complete your End of Year Hands Up Survey today!

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