Kids bike sales fall raising health alarm for Aussie schools

Trevor Buckenara
Your Move Schools Team

The Cycling Promotion Fund this week reported that sales of children’s bicycles have hit a new low leading to concerns that Australian children are not active enough to ensure their long term health and well-being.

Sales of children’s bicycles reported by the industry fell 22% in the decade to 2017, from 492,000 in 2007-8 to 382,000. These are the lowest figures since 2003-04 when 431,000 children’s bicycles were sold. More details are available in their article pointing to a crisis of physical inactivity. 

In response SBS reported that this raises a health alarm and that “VicHealth Principal Adviser Dr Lyn Roberts says Australian children are some of the most "chauffeured" in the world and this must change.”

Meanwhile The West celebrated a Your Move School bucking the trend: West Leederville Primary.

So congratulations to all of you for being an agent of change in an increasingly inactive and fear driven culture! Your leadership ripples out into the community.

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