Pump up your tyres! March 23 is Ride2School Day

David Paddon
Your Move Schools Team

With more than 2,000 schools and 350,000 students taking part each year, National Ride2School Day is the perfect opportunity for every school community to leave their cars at home and embrace a healthier start to the day by riding and walking to school. It's also a great day for kids to learn and practice bike riding skills in a safe and fun way.

The Bike Network have some excellent resources available for download, including a poster and tally chart for a hands up survey, along with an infographic with great information to get your class talking about active travel.

An excellent time for a Your Move activity

Boost your schools' Your Move activity points on Ride2School Day by running an event from your activity list.

Check out our Guide to Running an Event at Your School and choose from a range of excellent options like the Obstacle Course Activity.

Other ideas include:

•Healthy bike breakfast
•Bike dress-up competition (pictured above)
•Slow bike race
•Bonus faction points for students who cycle, scoot or walk on event day.

Don't forget to add your events to your activity list to receive Your Move points!

1.Add the event to your activity list
2.Write a story about it on your school profile
3.Tick off the activity as 'completed' when posting your story
4.Receive your points



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