We can now Save Drafts of Stories!

Justine (Your Move) Smith
Your Move Schools Team

Good morning Your Move Champs.

In a recent website update, you are now able to save a story you are working on to come back to it later. Please note that if you are adding a document, you do still need to attach it before you hit Save.

There is a new "Save to Draft button at the bottom of the Tell your story page, which saves it to the Manage Stories page, under "Stories pending your approval", and then click 'edit' to approve and post the story.

We hope that you like it! Tell us what you think in the comments, or send us an message directly to yourmove@transport.wa.gov.au. The screen grabs below should help to explain as well.

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What a great addition, Justine! I am sure it will be well-used. Thank you.

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Great idea! I would also love to be able to expand stories within the general feed - so we don't have to click back to return to the general feed after reading an article. Thanks :)

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Justine, now having utilized the Save to draft, I can say GREAT! In our session time we often run out of time to complete some of our reports. Now with StD, we can get part of it sorted & then come back to finish off later. It has worked a treat. Thank you!

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