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Amy (Your Move) Thom
Your Move Workplaces Team

Wednesday 15 August we had a fantastic forum with Dr Jane Genovese, exploring how to build momentum for Your Move in your workplace or school.

Jane took us on a whirlwind tour, with heap of create ideas about how to motivate people to change and give active transport a try.

Key messages that we took away from the forum:

o To motivate and inspire people, you need to make a personal connection and engage them emotionally
o Focus on what people gain, not what they have to give up
o We need to hear messages over and over again to turn behaviours into habits
o Share stories and be open and honest about your active transport challenges
o Keep Your Move activities positive, fun, and fresh.

Check out Jane’s summary with all the key points in the attachment below.

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Hi Amy, Thank you so much for yesterday's session. I had a great time being inspired to include active travel in my day and being empowered to encourage my colleagues to do the same. I look forward to attending more forums in the future.

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Amy (Your Move)

Thanks Vanessa! It was great to meet you. I'm so glad you left inspired - me too!

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