Healthy Streets

David (Your Move) Wake

Think about the street you live in, or the one outside your local shops, your child’s school or your workplace. How does it feel to walk or ride in? Does it feel welcoming and safe? Is there shade and shelter and somewhere to rest? These are some of the questions to ask to understand people’s experience of a street and identify ways to encourage more people to walk or ride along it.

Questions like these are part of the Healthy Streets approach to assessing and improving streets to make these accessible, inclusive and healthy spaces for people to be in. Lucy Saunders, originator of the Healthy Streets approach, spoke at the Your Move Forum held on June 30.

At the forum Lucy outlined (see her presentation slides attached) the ten Healthy Streets indicators that can be used to assess a street and identify areas for improvement. Forum participants tried out the indicators to assess their street. Healthy Streets provides a practical way to explore the experience of a street can be made better for everyone.

You can read more about Healthy Streets here and try the assessment tool on a street you want to encourage people to ride or walk along.

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