Track your bus with the all new Transperth App

Trevor Buckenara

The new Transperth app launched last week, makes catching public transport in Perth even easier, with users now able to track nearby buses using GPS.

The next generation app, which has been trialled by about 4,000 regular public transport users for two months, is now available to the public on both iPhone and Android operating systems.

Thanks to the team at Transperth, Your Move have been beta testing the all new Transperth App for the past few months and we're really impressed with how fast, responsive intuitive and useful it is for any public transport user in Perth.

A massive 98 per cent of the beta testers surveyed said they would use the updated Transperth app when it was launched and reviews on the iTunes and Google Play stores are glowing!... we definitely agree.. it’s awesome!

The app builds on the Transperth Journey Planner by enabling commuters to track their bus on the in-built map in real time, manage their SmartRider account details and arrange SmartParker and bike shelter access.

GPS trackers have been installed in all 1,481 of Transperth's metropolitan area buses, so passengers will know when their bus is due to arrive, where it is on its journey and what route it will take. This app is truly a game changer to help make catching your bus, train or ferry so much easier.

In the words of Molly Meldrum, "do yourself a favour" and download the Transperth App today.

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Thanks for posting this, because I had no idea it had been updated, and the old app was so unusable! I'm, shall we say, cautiously optimistic about the new one. I'll definitely give it a go though!

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Hi Kat, no problems were happy to help! Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised! It's like night and day with the old one and is totally new from the ground up. Happy travels...

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Kylie (Your Move)

I love the real time bus tracker feature!

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Thanks Trevor just done myself a favour and installed the app! So handy to see my Smartrider dashboard to manage autoload amount, add My Bike Shelters, and have trip fare estimates. Fabulous to see the ferry included as a viable option on my trip to work ⛴️

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