Crossing back on track

Andrea Smithson
Albany Primary School

Thanks to some advocacy from our wonderful P+C, we now have a crosswalk attendant back on duty at one of the key link points for many of our students who walk to school. Despite the crossing on Lockyer Avenue still being an approved Type A crossing, there had not been a crossing guard in place for more than two years. It took some digging and a lot of perseverance, but eventually we found the right levers and were able to work with our local police to get the result we were after - a safe place to cross a busy road with a warden on duty before and after school.

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This is great! One of our barriers at Lake Gwelup PS is that we have a few super busy roads near by. Well done Albany for getting your crossing back on track! :)

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James (Your Move)

A big high-5 for Albany PS! Andrea - are you able to share any further tips on how you got it through the system?

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It is a challenge to work out the system, that's for sure! One key is that the approval for the crossing itself and the manning of it are two seperate processes. The fact our crossing still had a Type A approval meant we were able to advocate to our local police station to reinstate a crossing guard, as they are responsible for their employment. Have a look at for more information :)

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