Encouraging Riding and Walking Safely to School – Getting Started

Annita Wenban


Enter Mrs Wenban with a bike bell as she walks up with a microphone in hand.


Who likes riding their bike? Hands Up!


Who likes riding their scooter? Hands Up!!


Who likes walking? Hands Up!

These were the questions that Bramfield Park Primary School’s Your Move Coordinator, teacher Mrs Wenban, enthusiastically asked students, staff and parents/carers at our last assembly for Term 1, gaining overwhelming hands up responses. She told everyone that these are all great active ways to get to and from school with many health benefits whilst reducing carbon emissions and parking issues around our school.

Mrs Wenban congratulated everyone who rode their bike on the 19th March for Ride 2 School Day, our first Your Move activity. She emphasised how exciting it was to see that we had tripled our number of students riding to school that day compared to previous days. Whilst it was excellent to see over half wearing helmets (56%), she told us that most of these helmets weren’t worn correctly. It was also observed that very few scooter riders wore helmets. This was concerning but Mrs Wenban had ideas on how to address this issue whilst encouraging everyone to walk or cycle to school in safe, fun and rewarding ways. She mentioned lots of exciting things that will happen over the year that peaked everyone’s interest. There will be competitions, prizes to be won (ring…ring… like this bell), water bottles, stickers, tattoos, activity days, helmet safety checks, special road safety days - like Walk to School Safely Day in May, Bike Week in June, maybe even a Your Move Jingle (looks at music teacher) what do you think everyone???? Cheers and excitement can be heard all around!

We want to keep encouraging everyone to walk or cycle to school in safe, fun and rewarding ways. Mrs Wenban invited students who are passionate about promoting active, safe and fun travel to school, to have a think over the school holidays if they might like to join our school Your Move Action Team (YMAT). This active group will help drive this change whilst having fun doing it and become our planning team for 2021 and beyond.

It takes time to change habits and routine but here at Bramfield Park Primary School we are up for the challenge. Our commitment starts with our school Business Plan 2021-2023, where the Your Move program is highlighted across two pillars - Wellbeing and Sustainability. This will assist with our direction, planning and sustainability over the next 3 years.

Bring on Term 2 and the YMAT at Bramfield Park Primary. Until then…Always be safe when riding and walking around our local community during the school holidays.

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What a great read Annita! I have added 45 points for your creative story, sharing some statistics on your hands up survey and including Your Move in your business plan. You've also earned 50 points for including Your Move in your assembly and for defining your issues and making a plan. I look forward to seeing what you and YMAT achieve in Term 2!

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