Community Engagement Feedback - Bike Plan Review

Gavin Giles
City of Fremantle

It’s been nearly a month since we posted on the progress of the City of Fremantle Bike Plan review. Over October we contacted our community, both regular and non-regular riders and asked them: why they were riding, why they weren’t riding, types of riders they identified with, where they are riding and where would they like to ride. The interactive map also gave the opportunity to “map my ride” with over 200 ‘pins’ on areas for improvement, ideas and good riding environments. The full engagement results report can be found on our MySay page at

Here’s a summary snapshot and we are aiming to get a draft new Bike Plan to our Councillors and community in the new year.

Have a great holiday, stay safe and see you in 2019!

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Love the visual Executive Summary!

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Thanks! I'm thinking of changing jobs from Planner to Graphic Designer :)

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