Gavin Giles
City of Fremantle

The City of Fremantle has been operating to reduce its carbon footprint for several years, starting with carbon accounting and offsets to achieve accredited carbon neutral status since 2009. As part of this we encourage staff to use active transport by:

• Staff smartriders for business trips
• Staff bikes (including 1 ebike) for local trips
• Staff secure bike parking at administration centre
• Showers and changing facilities at temporary administration centre (new improved facilities under construction at the new Administration centre in Kings Square)
• Providing the little things such as Your Move courtesy umbrellas for staff to encourage walking even in wet weather
• Active transport information in new staff induction kit
• Free public bike hire at Visitors centre
• Roll out of bike friendly infrastructure as per the Bike Plan

As we are getting back to normal and more people return to the office, we are refreshing people’s memories about these active transport options and post updates on our intranet (like today!).

Other carbon reduction actions include:

• Adoption and roll out of City’s Corporate Energy Plan to reduce carbon emissions from electricity and reduce costs
• All new lighting upgrades are to LED to reduce carbon emissions and running costs
• Two cars in the staff car fleet are small hatchback hybrid vehicles
• Finalisation of a Car Share Policy to guide and encourage car share scheme take up
• GoGo escooter staff trial.
• Electric rubbish truck trial.
• On-going installation of solar panels on City owned buildings
• Installation of EV chargers in public car parks
• Support for community education initiatives such as Climate Clever

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James (Your Move)

Hit me with it Gav! Well we can't say CoF is anything less than comprehensive in their approach to reducing carbon emissions. You have definitely earned you 100 points from our 'fight for Planet A promo'. I have also linked the story to 'promote AT' for your infranet promo. Furthermore, looking back over the pst 3 years, I see that you have never got points for 'providing AT options to new staff' - so I've given you another 30 points for that too. Have a great week!

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James (Your Move)

Hey, and why not another 60 points for going to the effort of putting showers in your temporary admin centre? Enjoy!

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