Bike Week 2019: planning & grant application

City of Subiaco

We've reviewed our 2018 Bike Week events, made changes based on participant and staff feedback, and planned our events for 2019. Subiaco will be holding similar events to previous years with some minor adjustments such as moving our Bike to Work Breakfast from Friday to Wednesday. We are continuing our support of the Ride to Market event at Subiaco Farmers Market and are planning to add a few new features. Other events during Bike Week will be confirmed with the hosting city branches early next year.

Key changes resulting from feedback:
- Moving our main event, Bike to Work Breakfast, from Friday to Wednesday. This is to enable more people to participate (many people take Friday's off), and also to enable more city staff to assist with running the event, and reducing 'burn out' in a event-busy week.
- Rearranging the event site for a more compact, festival feel.
- Free I 'bike' Subiaco t-shirts; given out on a first-in basis (no pre-order).
- Food and drink; issue tokens as participants check-in (no pre-order).
- Hire a couple more bike mechanics (hopefully) so there isn't a huge queue.
- Try a different type of bike parking.
- Hiring more and different types of tables and chairs.

After finalising out 2019 event planning, we applied for a Bike Week Grant are are pleased to say our application was successful! The Grant will go a long way to supporting our Bike to Work Breakfast which brings together about 500 cyclists of all levels and ambitions.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Julia, congratulations on your successful grant application! You have earned bonus points for reflecting on what worked and what didn't in 2018 and making plans to improve in 2019! Attracting 500 cyclists is a huge achievement.

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