Safer roads for all users

City of Subiaco

The City of Subiaco is supporting and promoting the Road Ribbon for Road Safety Campaign over the Christmas and New Year holiday period. As a part of this campaign we are promoting safer roads for all uses; walking, cycling, scooting.

To support this message, the City is giving out free 'Please Slow Down, Consider Our Kids' bin stickers. The bin stickers are available from the Subiaco Library during the campaign, until the 4 January (and then upon request). Hundreds of stickers have also been dropped at local primary schools who are distributing out to their families.

So far the bin stickers have been very popular! We hope to see them popping up all over Subiaco on bin day.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Julia, the great thing about bin stickers is they only pop up once a week so we are much more likely to notice them and slow down. Here is to a safe Christmas on our roads.

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Nice one COS, love how you are bringing together different parts of the community with a common purpose. Good touch tying in the bin stickers to reinforce the message!

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