The EMRC’s vision is to be a responsive and innovative leader in assisting Perth’s Eastern Region to be a great place to live, work, play and do business. The EMRC recognises valuing staff in a supportive environment that focuses on their wellbeing.

An Information Sheet on How to get to the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council is included in the EMRC’s Induction Pack and is sent to new staff via email prior to starting. This Information Sheet includes active, sustainable travel options highlighting walking, cycling and public transport, along with a detailed map which shows bus routes and bus stops in correlation to the EMRC’s location. The reverse page includes a broader map and legend which illustrates shared paths and bus routes in respect to the surrounding area.

Having an Information Sheet and informative map allows for employees to gain an understanding of their new surroundings and provides opportunity for them to explore their travel options. If staff have any questions or need help on finding other routes, they can contact the Health Promotion Team, HR or even ask their new co-workers as staff can be the most valuable resource.

It is a great opportunity for new staff members starting at the EMRC to know how they can reduce their transport impacts and what their transport options are to get to work! By promoting active transport and other modes of transport to new employees, helps benefit employee health and wellbeing from the beginning of their employment.

Active transport is a great way to learn about local surroundings, environment and places, as well as improve health and wellbeing.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Tarnika, starting a new job is one of those key moments when people are open to reconsidering the way they travel. Great to hear that the EMRC is taking advantage of this moment to encourage new employees to consider walking, cycling or catching public transport for the work commute. You have earned activity points for 'Promoting active travel options to new staff' and for 'creating a workplace access guide.' If it needs updating just head to our shop.

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