Right in the middle of Bike Week the EMRC staff were given the opportunity to try a beginners spin class at our local leisure centre. The idea of getting off road and into a studio was to encourage people that they can ride a bike and feel comfortable doing so. We had 7 staff that were game to start their morning right!

Holding a group fitness session where there was no pressure to keep up with a riding pace made it open to staff of different fitness levels. During the spin class the instructor was aware of diverse fitness levels and could cater for everyone by telling us to increase our resistance level or turn it down, take a standing position or sit back down, but she reassured staff that if you need to take a break turn the resistance down, but don’t stop peddling!

Contacting our local leisure centre, Bayswater Waves, and letting them know about the EMRC's bike week activities and why these activities were being held was an awesome opportunity to spread the word of active travel and how it can influence the workplace. Bayswater Waves kindly agreed to hold a bike spin session with one of their instructors for the EMRC staff.

All staff members had positive feedback from the morning; the instructor was full of energy and encouragement which aligned with positive attitudes. Most people had never done a spin class before so having a positive experience firsthand was fantastic.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Tarnika, what a great way to engage with people who don't identify has bike riders. I've also given you some some bonus points for using it as an opportunity to spruik active transport to Bayswater waves crew!

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