Yesterday we had our Year 1 Bike Club wind-up at Hossack Reserve in Parkwood. Check it out if you are around this area. It is a great place to teach road safety and bike skills for free! Thanks to our Your Move points we were able to present each child with a backpack and water bottle. Feedback from parents has been fantastic with a few saying that they are now confident in allowing their child to ride to school everyday (in their company of course)! Next year we are going to be expanding into Year 2 after this year's bunch requested it!

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James (Your Move)

This is really super Donna. I can see you have built a very special relationship with the kids through your Bike Club. I love the personalised bike themed tags on the 'presents'. I look forward to hearing how this develops next year. I have given you 10 points for giving us a great update on your bike club, and another 30 points for the 'beyond expectations' nature of running the club every week for 3 terms (compared to most 'bike ed' sessions being run over a few weeks).

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