Hands up Survey Comparison (1)

Jessica Sandhu

We completed our first hands up survey on 5th March 2024. When comparing the results to March 2023 there has been a notable difference in car transport, increasing by 6%. Meanwhile our numbers of students walking decreased by 22%. We believe that with the extreme heat of summer this year, the impact has been shown in the amount of travel by car now. Hopefully with National Ride to School Day approaching, this will raise the number of students riding. We also have now changed our Wheel or Walk day to Fridays to allow our Your Move Staff Leader to be available with our Student Your Move Champions to promote the morning.

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Thanks for your survey reflections and for posting - that's a total of 15 points. Your survey upload is worth 10 points. Cooler weather is on the way for the Ride to school day and beyond, which will be good news for riders everywhere! Keep up the great work team.🚲😀

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