Constable Care Safety School Incursion Trial

Donna Jarvinen

One of our Year 4 classes was lucky enough to be included in the Constable Care Safety School Incursion trial today! The students completed an easy to use pre-incursion survey and will do another one after. Some of the activities included using a road safety app and exploring the school's bike parking and kiss and drive areas. The feedback from both the teacher and the students was excellent and we really hope this gets up and running for all to access!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Donna. I bet the year 4s were super happy that they were able to participate in the Constable Care incursion. I didn't realise this was a trial, so thanks for sharing this with everyone. You have earned 25 points for Forest Crescent's participation and another 10 points for letting us know the details of the incursion.

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