Encouraging better choices

Kate Biondo
Galactic Cooperative

Last Tuesday ‘Your move’ ran a forum on parking. Although our workplace has plenty of parking, as we grow I would like our people to consider not needing or expecting parking as a workplace standard. The forum inspired me to create a policy at our workplace that will inspire our people to consider active transport in all its versions. I would like to create a more actively engaged work environment. One that thinks about how they are going to move through their day and decide on better choices.

This policy needs to embrace the people we already have and help inspire people coming into our business. I am going to create a policy with the help of Stef, our quality manager, that outlines a smart travel plan as part of the induction for our new people. It needs to be a one-on-one plan that helps people think about pursuing active transport options to and from work.

This policy marries well with our Silver recognition for Healthy Workplace that we received earlier in the year.

When applying for our Healthy workplace recognition, it reinforced our attitude of encouraging our people to take up active and sustainable transport alternatives; We established a bike pool for employee use, we upgraded our bicycle storage and end of trip facilities, we often have workplace lunchtime bike rides, and Friday frivolity bike rides and we have held a seminar to promote bike and public transport travel options for our people.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Kate - thanks for your reflection on last week's workshop. It's great to see that you are all fired up to get your new personal travel planning policy up and running. Once your policy is in place we can give you points for that YM activity, but for now I have given you 10 bonus points for making the story such an interesting read.

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