Friday Frivolity

Kat Sherwin
Galactic Cooperative

Friday Frivolity, every fortnight, is a fixture here at Galactic Cooperative (home of Svelto Bikes). We've recently brought on Frog, a new part-time volunteer and, sadly, she has a medical condition that means she can't ride a bicycle! Undaunted, we put her in touch with one of our connections, a local bike store that should be called The A-Team because they "specialise in the ridiculous", and they built her a bangin' tricycle just in time for her to join us for our latest frivolity, a jaunt down to the Camfield tavern for drinks and pizza. We've successfully helped another person get on a human-powered vehicle and Frog couldn't be happier!

So on Friday night, three e-bikes, a Frankentrike, and a vintage racer all braved the wind to make their way to the new Stadium precinct, then lounged out the front of the Camfield while we enjoyed some beverages. Near dark, and with the temperature dropping, we piled out of the pub and untangled a rather complicated locking situation! We all followed the train line homewards, splitting off in our separate directions. When the journey is no longer an obstacle or afterthought, but rather the central focus of the event, there's a much greater focus on fun, people and the moment.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Wow! Personalised bike creation, that is a first. You have earned points for innovation and for going above and beyond in helping someone give cycling a go!

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