Lots of Bling for Ride2School Day!

Germaine Whiteaker
Holy Spirit School

What a day! Holy Spirit really ran with this event and everyone had a blast. We started with the student team handing out Ride2School stickers and raffle tickets to all the kids that either walked, rode or used public transport that morning. We couldn’t believe how many kids participated in active transport that day, even the parents got their ride on!

Our YM Champion Team teachers judged the best bling’d bikes (or ride) which was announced at our morning assembly. There was so much colour and fantastic decorating ideas produced by the students! We even had a pooch on a bike! See pics of our winning boy & girl participants and runner ups.

We offered a complimentary cooked breakfast for all that participated thanks to support from the Town of Cambridge. The YM Champion Team would love to thank all the parents who volunteered and helped to make this possible and to all the students and parents for embracing such a wonderful event to get our school more involved in active transport.

Our pre and post hands up survey says it all. Let’s make this a regular activity for our school and see if we can maintain these survey results throughout the year!

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James (Your Move)

A fantastic effort! It seems all your planning paid off - well done. You received 40 points for your R2SD event, plus 20 for having a dress up your bike comp. Adding in a breakfast earned you 20 points for upgrading your story to "outstanding" status! Plus another 10 points came your way for considering the (440%!) impact on cycling numbers.

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David (Your Move)

Great stuff Germaine! I was away on a training course last week when you posted this story and had missed it until now. What an awesome event. Great pictures and story too, and what great result with the active travel results... Also, thanks for attending the forum this week, don't forget to write a story about that too! If you link it to the 'Attend Your Move Professional Development Session' you'll get some more points for Holy Spirit.

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