Bike Education Term 4

Courtney Bridge
Kyilla Primary School

Today Year 4 and 5 students started Bike Education. Our instructors were national bike riders and have had lots of experience. We started with checking our helmets to make sure they were tight enough then we did the ABC check on our bikes to make sure they were safe to ride on.

Once we got started everyone had to line up in rows of eight and we started off with simple drills and then they gradually got harder. We then rode on the basketball court trying to go as slow as possible without falling off. To finish off we all had to line up on the sideline of the basketball court and were given a number one, two or three. When one of the instructors called our number out, we would have a slow race. The slow race helped us to keep our balance and control our bike. After each number was called out we did a whole slow race. The winner was awarded with a fidget spinner. Overall all of us enjoyed bike education and cannot wait to go back for our next lesson.

By Annalisa Diekmann

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David (Your Move)

Great stuff Annalisa! Going slow on your bike takes a lot more control than going fast! Spring is a great time to do some bike skills and get your confidence up for the summer holidays. Enjoy the next session.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Annalisa - your school has earnt 80 points for doing the Bike Ed, 10 points for telling about it in such lovely detail and another 5 points for the story coming from a student. Great effort!

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