Transport Troopers Organise Walk Safely to School Day

Joanna Webster

Yesterday, the Year 5 Transport Troopers had their first meeting for the term and got straight to work promoting next Friday's WALK SAFELY TO SCHOOL DAY!

They made a video to advertise on social media and two lucky TTs were chosen at random to speak at tomorrow's assembly. On top of this, they are all visiting each class throughout the school to raise awareness about the special day.

Every Friday at Lake Gwelup is Fume Free Friday anyway, so we are hoping for a big turn out on the day. We have begun to phase out physical prizes as we are in our 3rd year of Your Move - BUT all students who arrive at school via active travel on the day will receive a PBS point for Responsibility which can be cashed in for some great non-material prizes as part of our whole school positive behaviour incentive system.

Please check out our Facebook page to see the video. :)

Our school has registered for the national day via the Walk to School website, which also has great posters and resources. Check it out!

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James (Your Move)

Absolutely brilliant video Lake Gwellup! 😀 What a great outcome of your team meeting. Can't wait to see how the day goes. You have earned 10 points for your meeting, 10 for including the video, 90 for continuing your FFFs into Term 2 and another 10 points for an all round great story!

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