Hands Up Survey (3)

Erika Fernandes
Lakelands Primary School

Last week our eager Faction Captains went around to classes at Lakelands Primary school and completed the hands up survey. Their ability to conduct the task quickly and professionally highlighted our school values leadership, courage and responsibility. The majority of our students "Came in a car", followed by "Walked to school", "Rode a bike, scooted or skated" and lastly "Caught the bus or train". Our results displayed a 20% increase in walking since November 2021. We are pleased to see our students moving towards using an active means of transportation to school and will continue to promote this through out footprint Friday raffles.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Erika - and a big welcome to Your Move! I'm James and am here to help you make the most of your stories and to ensure you don't miss out on any points. Firstly, well done for posting your first story as a new champion - that has earned you 12 points 😁. Lakelands has also earned a big 60 points for having a YM Student Team (the Faction Captains). Great to hear that you have had an increase in Active Travel since your last survey. You earned 50 points by uploading your survey results and I have just given you another 10 points for the details of your reflection on the results here - generally you will receive points for the amount of details in your story ranging from 0 (limited details) to 30 points (a really engaging story with an amazing amount of details).

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