Preparations Dress Up Your Bike Day 2018

Amy Ham
Lakelands Primary School

Well preparations are in full swing for National Ride To School Day 2018. Lakelands Primary will be hosting a Dress Up Your Bike day to help celebrate. We recently completed our first hands up surveys for the year and I have to say our results are not that crash hot. We are hoping to really motivate our students this year to lift up those results once again. What better way to do that than dusting off your bike and dressing it up to win some fabulous prizes?

We have added all the details about the special day into our newsletter and staff bulletin to ensure everyone knows what the plan for the day. 

Download the "Dress up bike day newsletter 2018"

Our special "Your Move" helpers have been selected and a meeting will be held with them very soon to discuss our jobs for the day. Posters are also in the works of being created and placed around the school *photos to come later. 

Our amazing Principal Mrs Hamilton has placed her hand up to be one of our special judges on the day along side with many more motivated teachers. Moving on from here we will continue to encourage students to participate on the day and motivate to choose active transport to and from school. 

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YM Teams planning Bike Week activities! Busy time. Our YM Team has also started their BW planning with a Decorate Your Wheels & a Ride Run Obstacle Fun during the week. Like you, our H-U results were a little less than satisfactory so some goal setting to try & improve the situation.Look forward to reading about LPS's journey in 2018.

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Look forward to seeing some of your great ideas to try and motivate students :)

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Justine (Your Move)

Thanks so much for the update Amy :). Keen to see how Dress Up Your Bike Day pans out, and of course the bright and happy photos.

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