At Lakelands Primary School we had a 'Dress Up Your Bike Day' competition to encourage our students to ride or scoot to school on the National Ride2School Day. We had lots of student participation and it was fantastic to see all of the colourful bikes and scooters our students rode to school. Our faction captains took lots of photos and our competition winners received prizes and got their names in our school newsletter. Thanks so much to everyone who participated, our competition winners and our judges. Well done Lakelands!

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James (Your Move)

Flamingos and frogs on bikes? I guess that's what you get at LAKElands! Thanks for sharing with us all the fun of your R2SD event and Dress Up Your Bike competition - you have earned 40 points for the event day, 20 points for the comp and a bonus 10 for a good read. Have a wonderful weekend!

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