What's next for Term 3?

Today our Your Mover's got together to discuss our plans for Term 3 and 4.

Footprint Friday will continue and we have delegated who will hand out tickets at each entrance

Main entrance: Angie and Mason

Kiss and drop entrance: Aimee, Luke

Side entrance: Harri, Tayah

Every Friday tickets will continue to be handed out to students who ride, scoot or walk to school. Three winners will be drawn out of the Footprint Friday tub to receive a Your Move prize.

During Term 3 all tickets from Footprint Friday will be collected and go into the draw to win a big Your Move hamper the hamper contains – a bag, drink bottle, $20 K- mart voucher, muffin break voucher, helmet, pump, light, bike bell and a slap band.

This will be drawn at the end of term 3.

A hands up survey will be conducted Week 1 Friday.

Whole school Activity Ideas for Term 3

k-PP- Colouring in comp (walking school bus)- 1 winner each class

yrs 1-3- design a poster to promote active travel – 1 winner each class

yrs 4-6 – Class advert to be recorded on a Ipad classes will need to design an advert to persuade our community to choose active travel to and from school. Winning class will receive a class prize.

Term 4 – we are hoping to do the Walk around Australia activity over walk over October- first class to complete and return back to Mrs Ham will receive a class reward.

Idea for next year – A Your Move award to be handed out at junior and senior assemblies to the most active traveling class each term.

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Some great planning going on here, LPS. Have you thought of using the YM Action Plan or the YM Calendar Planner? Our YM Team is using both this year & it's great to see at a glance what's going on & when.

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Thanks Arlene I will get onto those resources. I have used them in previous years as I am usually on top of planning, however this year we have been getting the program up and running again after my return back to school. We have been planning term for term at the moment. We also sent out an email to all teachers to ask for their feedback on the activites and to see if they would be interested to participate. So far we have had great feedback and most teachers are wanting to join in

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James (Your Move)

That's an inspiring update on your plans for next term! Remember to write a story on each of the activities when they come about. For now you received 15 points for your regular team meeting another 15 for setting out your detailed plans and yet another 15 points for engaging with the other teaching staff. It seems 15 is the magic number this week! Oh and a bonus 10 for not skimping on the details of your story. Have a great break as see you next term.

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