Term 3 has approached us very quickly here at Lakelands and what a full events planner we have already. Throughout the term we will be continuing to promote Footprint Friday. Each week our usual 3 winners will be selected from the tub to receive a small prize, however every ticket that enters the tub will be put aside and placed into another tub to go into the draw to win a large Your Move prize ( prizes to be confirmed later). We are hoping this will encourage more of our families to choose active transport to and from school over the colder months. Our school Your Move banner is looking a bit worst for wear, so we also plan on doing a banner design competition and have some of our older student design a new banner, which will be made and hung in our bike racks. For our younger students we will be running a colouring in competition where the best entries also win prizes!. For more details about each event please stay tuned. Mrs Ham also spoke to our Year 1 students today about active travel at our schools values assembly. We discussed different types of active travel anf ways we can stay safe when traveling to and from school. Finally the P&C got back to Mrs Ham about trialing a walking school bus, however do to a very small amount of P&C members at our last meeting the idea was passed (although Mrs Ham has not lost hope and will approach with the same idea next year).

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Amy for such a detailed update of your plans (the details earned you 10 bonus points!). I have linked the story to the "Assembly Item" activity which gives you 30 points, plus your approach to the P&C earned you another 25 points (glad to hear hope is not lost!). Of course you'll get many more points for all your plans when they come to fruition!

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