Lakelands Lads are at it again. Don't throw out your broken bikes, scooters or skateboards, our Lakelands Fathers Project are hosting an event to repair your vehicles and get you back on track. The information about this event is as follows. Fathering Project Event: Wheelie Wednesday – Wednesday 18th September at Black Swan Lake 4:30pm. The following information has been advertised by the Fathering Project on their Facebook page. Join Lakelands Lads for an afternoon of wheeling around and repairing those broken bikes, scooters, skateboards or skates. This event is designed for Kids and Dads & Father-figures to gather and enjoy, learn and spend time. We hope to see you there!Reminder for Dads: if your child’s bike needs any parts, eg. tyre tubes, skateboard trucks etc, please bring the part with them. We will be assisting them replace these items, and anything else required like seat heights, handlebars, brake/chain adjustments, chain lubrication and any minor fixes. The information was also sent out to staff to relay back to all of our families and local community. So great to see our community rallying together to encourage our students to choose active transport.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing your promo of the bike repair workshop. I really like this event and how you combine it with the fathering project. For now you have received 10 points for sharing these detail, soon I can give you more points when you post how the day went!

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What a fantastic initiative to partner with the Fathering Project Amy! I love the fix it, don't throw it aspect to this event too.

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