Back on track at Mount Lockyer

Andrea Smithson

It's time to get things moving again at Mount Lockyer Primary School, starting off with a refresh of the active transport message in this week's school newsletter. The changes to the drop off and pick up routine are a great opportunity to mix things up and make walking/cycling/catching the bus a regular option, so we've provided some tips for parents to get started. While our regular active transport days are on hold, it's a matter of making the best of what we can! Hopefully Term 3 will see us back to all guns blazing :)

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing your newsletter article Andrea - it looks like you have found some great ways to restart active travel at Mt Lockyer. I'd love to hear how it goes over the next few weeks. Do you have any way of getting feedback of numbers of Park and Walk participants? I've given you 10 bonus points for sharing the details of your re-engagement initiative.

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