Reflection On Hands Up Survey

Lennon Swann
Mount Lockyer Primary School

The results from our Hands Up Survey this year have seen a dip in active transport. Some areas for us to address over the course of the year are: encouraging pre-primary students to walk to school (we only had 1 student out of 78 walk) and develop an inter-class competition in our four Year 6 classes (56% caught the bus).

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back for a new year with YM, Lennon! Thanks for sharing your reflections on your recent HUS. It is good to see you started forming a plan of attack. 56% of year 6s taking the bus is impressive! This, combined with the low number of walkers, makes me think that you have quite a spread out catchment. You have earned 10 points for sharing your reflections.

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