Planting the active travel seed for new school families

Andrea Smithson
Mount Lockyer Primary School

It's nearly the end of Term 3, which seems to be the time of year we start thinking beyond the next term and on to the next school year! So we've started putting some information together for our next group of pre-primary students who will be commencing in 2020. To do this, we are working closely with Mount Lockyer Community Kindergarten, which is just down the road and is where the bulk of our PP students come from. The 78 kindy families will be receiving a copy of the Mount Lockyer Park and Ride/Walk map, as well as the School Buses Made Simple map. Hopefully this will plant the seed for families to start thinking now about how they will get to school next year. We'll also provide some simple road safety tips for our incoming 2020 kindy groups, so that they are setting themselves up now to be future walkers and bike riders!

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James (Your Move)

Well done Andrea for thinking ahead like this! And thanks for always being so good at linking your stories to the right activity. I gave you a bonus 10 points for taking the time to outline how your map distribution will work.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Andrea, Great to see Mount Lockyer establishing a walking and riding culture from the get go. Baldivis Senior College does a similar thing with their feeder primary schools as the students transition to high school. Its a great strategy!

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