The results are in...what are the active transport challenges for Mount Lockyer Primary?

Andrea Smithson

We've just wound up our active transport survey, and the results are very interesting! Some confirmed our thoughts, others are maybe a little more challenging, but also exciting.

While 63% of our respondents lived less than 5km from school, only 30% regularly walked and 15% regularly cycled or scooted to school. Two thirds of students arrived at school by car on 4 or 5 days in an average week.

The really interesting bit is the reasons why people drive, and the things that people thought would make it more likely for their kids to be able to walk or cycle instead of driving them to school. Some things we can't change (like the Albany weather!), but others we can - and these are the things we will keep front of mind in the next steps of our Your Move journey.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Andrea - this is a very informative discussion of your survey results. You and your team have done a great job of digesting the results and planning some steps forward. Weather is always an interesting one as we all have a very subjective impression of what 'bad weather' is. Certainly the cold rainy climate in the Netherlands doesn't seem to have much impact there! Of course we mustn't downplay that this is a real reason that people do tend to take the car, but the subjective nature does mean that your efforts can have a real impact. I can see a useful part of your last dot point "working with YM Team to promote AT" could be to promote the use of appropriate clothing, umbrellas (maybe as rewards) and other helpful items such as bike seat covers. I know that even in Perth people tend to use their car as an umbrella! I have given you 10 points for all the details, plus another 15 points for the reflective nature of your story.

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Hi James, thanks for your comment and thoughts. I completely agree on the weather point - in Albany (as in many other places in the world), you've just got to get on with it and plan appropriately, otherwise you might not leave the house! I love the idea of using the YM student team to promote planning for the weather, I'll have a chat with them about including that in an assembly sometime soon.

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